1.  Box of Roses

2.  Velvet Hands

3.  Dare

4.  Let Go

5.  Late Again

6.  Neptune

Bohemian Solstice - Lyndsay Wojcik


1.  Heart Burn

2.  Flipside

3.  People on Parade

4.  The Necessary Solution is a Revolution

5.  My Morning Clarity

6.  Lillian

7.  Appalachian American Man


8.  Dreams Away

9.  In the Meantime

10.  Killing Time Without Injury Eternity

11.  Float Till Friday

12.  My First Real Heart Attack

13.  Mountain Air

14.  Twice Born

15.  Wish you were Water

Local Honey - Lyndsay Wojcik

1.  Let Go

2.  Neptune

3.  Fingernail Moon

4.  Sunday Dues

5.  Dare

2009 (Recorded 2004)  6.  Box of Roses

Fingernail Moon - EP - Lyndsay Wojcik

 1.  Photosynthesis

2.  The Good Life

3.  Thought it was a Dream

4.  Driving You Out of My Mind

5.  Driftwood Graveyard
Photosynthesis - EP - Lyndsay Wojcik


One thought on “Discography

  1. Hi Linsday .. I really enjoyed your show tonite in Myrtle Beach. Best of luck to you in Colorado. Please email me if you ever mske it back to the Carolinas.. You’re music and YOU have a healing presence.. Peace to you forever… John…. Ps: I am guy who talked with you about Asheville..

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