To purchase the new EP just click either on any of the tracks below, or the Download/Share button above the track listings.

We worked really hard on the creation of this new project, stepping out of the norm for me and getting the chance to spread my creative wings a bit.  With the help of everyone involved we were able to pool together some really fun ideas and Craig especially is to thank for the part he played in the transformation of many of these songs.  We were so happy to have our great friends Trevor Stoia, Jake Rosenblum, Phil Bronson, and Marley Carroll on many of the tunes, and want to thank Boo Dub Studios in Asheville, Real to Reel Studios in Jonesboro, and a huge thanks to Marley at Melenaster Studios in Asheville.  Please check out all of these amazing musicians, they are all inspirations for me, and I was honored to get to work with them!  Also a big thanks to Carl Kerridge for the cover photo, you can find more of his work at  He makes us smile really big!

We have the EP available in a way that you can pay whatever you want for it.  That means if you’re a broke musician like us, don’t feel bad if you can only pay $1, and if you want to show your support by paying more, by all means have at it!  Most importantly we just want to get the songs out there so it would mean a great deal to us for you just to pass this page along to your friends and get some more ears a listenin’

Thanks so much, and much love to you all!


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